First Time Printing With Nylon

Getting ready to print with MatterHackers Pro Series Nylon on my Mini V1 With Aerostruder. I’ve printed with ABS, TPU, and PLA.
But Usually use the stock settings and modify them a little to my liking. There isn’t nylon in the material settings. So what is the best seettings for Nylon?
I found some nylon settings on Lulzbot’s site. But I haven’t figured out yet how to get them into the material without having to put it all in manually.

In Cura if you make sure that the All Category is selected at the very top of the area where you select your Material. In the Material drop down menu there should be a listing up near the top for Bridge Nylon (Taulman) which you could use as a jumping off point. I looked up MatterHackers Nylon printing specs and compared it to our Bridge Nylon Profile and they look like they are very similar.