Flashing new Rambo 1.3a board with Cura

I have purchase a new Rambo mini 1.3a board and it needs flashing .
Anybody give a head up on how to do this? Looks confusing. My Mini 1 has been down since November. I ask Lulz if they could do it for me and they advised they do not offer that service. ??
Bob - Reno,NV

Plug in the board and power it on. Connect to lulzbot cura then go to settings, printers, manage printers, then there you should see “update firmware” another window will pop up and select “automatically update firmware”

Thanks, I will give it try.

I can’t get the Cura to load on my Mac Air. Keeps come up with error. The only PC I have is a XP machine and Cura needs window 7 and above. Not sure what to do at this point. I wish I could send my new Rambo 1.3a board to somebody to flash it for me. Do you know of anybody that offers that service ?
This is for a Mini 1 machine .


You could try going to these guys, I know they repair 3d printers. I’m guessing they would flash a motherboard.

I don’t see the name of the company

I’m not sure what company @Mjrosyxa was referring to but https://itworks3d.com/ can probably help.

Thanks for all the input, but still having problems. I have a Windows 10 machine, I would like to try, What version of LULZ Cura do I need to down load?


I forgot to add, For my MINI 1

They actually offer 3 ways to flash the board.
If Cura wont work for you may be able to use one of the other options. I dont SEE anything in the windows instructions saying you need 7 outside of Cura so it may solve your problem. Good luck!

What happens when you try to load Cura (what error does it display or how far do you get before it crashes?)

Also, can you provide a little more info on your Mac… specifically what version of macOS are you running?

I use Cura 3.6.21 today (I was running 3.6.21 last fall) on my macs. I’ve run this both on macOS 10.13 (Mojave) and 10.14 (Catalina). Both run fine.

If you’ve ever had a previous version of Cura installed you might need to do a complete un-install and this is tricky because there are several places where Cura leaves files that don’t get deleted by simply moving the application to the trash.

I posted about this on the Facebook group for LulzBot Mini & TAZ:

In addition to dumping ~/Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot, there are a few other files to clear out.
I use this app: https://nektony.com/mac-app-uninstaller It finds all the related files.

It reports quite a few other files such as:
~/Library/Saved Application State/org.pythonmac.unspecified.cura-lulzbot.savedState

It also finds a file under /private/var but it has a path which is probably unique to each mac. In Terminal you could do a “find /private/var -name *cura-lulzbot*” and this should find it (then you’d have to navigate to that folder and delete it)

~/Library/Preferences/org.pythonmac.unspecified.cura-lulzbot.cura-lulzbot.plist (no, that’s not a typo… cura-lulzbot is in the name twice)

That should be everything you need to clear out.

All those files were found by that app cleaner. I’m sure there are others … that’s the one I have used for years. You don’t need the app cleaner if you just want to use that list to chase down and remove each of those files.

This info helped another use on the Facebook group and after clearing out all those residual files, they were able to get Cura LE to install & run again.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply.

I installed Cura 3.6.27 on my Windows 10 Microsoft Surface. I flashed the Mini 1. I appeared to program ok. I could see the LED next to the usb on the Mini Flashing as it down loaded, but now the machine does nothing. Not sure how to finish off
the install on the printer. I think there was a good chance the Rambo board is bad, I wanted to Flash it just to see if I could do it before I put the new Board in.

This has been a great machine since I purchased it in 2015. I have since bought a new Mini2. Very happy with it. I wanted to use the Mini1 for a backup.

Thanks Tim for your help.