Replace bad Mini-Rambo 1.3a now I'm stuck! HELP! UPDATE!

*On a previous post I mentioned that my Z-axis motors were loud and “chattering” then just “hummed” and jumped up and down when commanded to move up. I decided to replace the Mini-Rambo 1.3a board which I just finished doing. Straight forward and relatively easy. All connections checked 3 times…
*Upon reconnecting my Mini 1, it was detected on COM 4 (previously COM 3). I tried to download and update the Cura firmware to it. Cura won’t connect to the Mini.
*After a great deal of searching the internet I came to realize that the Mini-Rambo board needs to be initialized via Arduino software before I can download the Cura firmware update.
Now I’m stuck as I’m not a programmer. I’ve downloaded the Arduino 1.8.10 program to my computer but there is no Board listing for Rambo or Mini-Rambo. I’m stuck and really need some help to get my Mini back up and running! :blush:
[u]Any help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Well, I finally figured it out after much gnashing of teeth, etc. (Not enough room here to explain it all). No instructions were included from Printed Solid though they did answer my initial email (no help). Three days lost and I was about to throw in the towel… My Mini is back up and running and I’m relieved. I don’t know the future of Lulzbot machines due to their cash-flow problems but I still believe that they are one of the very best out there. I’ve never worried about it catching fire or causing a problem. Granted, their price point is a bit high, but that is the price for quality and piece of mind… Now back to printing… :smiley:**

Where did you purchase the Rambo? Every Rambo I have installed shipped with a boot loader. You should be able to connect to a Rambo out of the box and flash your firmware.