Flexible - Semiflexible filament lulzbot mini + Food safe

Hey guys,

I am looking for a flexible or semiflexible filament for a “locking arm” mechanism for my enclosure:

So that when I slide in my main enclosure in its shell, that arms bends letting the enclosure through and once it is through it returns to its place.

I bought a flexible filament but gonna return it cause I didn’t know the mini couldn’t print ninjaflex or the like.

So I came across “Taulman PCTPE Plasticized Copolyamide TPE Filament” and I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the mini could print this material or not…

Furthermore I am also investigating the “food safe” topic… I have another enclosure which could potentially come in contact (fall into) animal food and was wondering whether there is a material more or less good for this…

I read that PLA is supposed to be food safe, although i saw some brands advertising food-safe PLA, which made me think, does it need to be a special PLA type?

Look forward to hear your experience guys…


The issue with 3d printed parts and food has little to do with the chemicals of the filament itself. You could eat off of an ABS plate and not get sick. Once.

The issue is the printing method itself. All 3d printable filaments create microscopic voids between the layers when printed. Those tiny voids trap food particles and then grow bacteria.

You can get around that process limitation by either coating the part in a food safe plastic coating (food grade epoxy, etc.) or using a solvent to melt the voids shut.

Regarding your flexible filament question, we do have a flexystruder for the Mini in development in case you’d like to wait for it. We don’t have a release date, but you can follow along with development here under code name Albatross:


Aside from that, I would say PTCPE is one of the most flexible filaments that can be printed in a standard extruder so that should be a good way to go. Enjoy!

I’ll be waiting for the extruder…

Meanwhile I’ll the pctpe… and buy food grade epoxy…