FlexyDually double rigid material

I want to make a print using two rigid filament materials using the FlexyDually double extruder in my TAZ 5. As I have seen on the forums, this dual extruder is capable of doing this, and I’m aware that the tube will wear out faster.

The problem I’m having is that a 3 mm filament won’t fit into the Flex extruder. When I lock on the filament and try to extrude 10mm using software, the gears are not able to rotate they just skip all the steps as if there was something blocking the way of the filament, however when I use 1.75mm filament it goes down smoothly.

I have used different 3mm filaments, and measured their diameters, they seem to be the right size.

The guide bolt on the side of the V1 flexstruder might be too tight.

Now I tried to load Ninja Flex filament into the Flexystruder, but just simply won’t go down, I’ve tried adjusting the side bolt but no luck.

It seems to be just stopped where the filament is pulled, doesn’t go down any further. Not even a 1.75mm PLA plastic can go down now.

You will probably need to pull out the PTFE tube and see if it was ripped up by the rigid filament and is now plugging the travel path.

How unlucky if I already weared out the PTFE tube, I have not printed anything yet, just removed the filament the Dually came out with.

I’ll do just that, I have some PTFE tube replacement.