FlexyDually vs TAZ Dual

What is difference between FlexyDually vs TAZ Dual? I understand that flexy can do Flex martial,
Is there something Dual Head can do vs FlexyDually?
Also are those v2 heads for either dual or FlexyDually?

The FlexyDually can do everything the TAZ Dual can with the addition to flexible material. Currently the flexy and dual for the V2 is being tested and developed

I was told as recent as today that the FlexyDually (Flexy Side) sound not run anything but flexible filament. I have read other posting that make it sound like you can run the same filaments (abs, hips, etc) with the exception that the tube will wear out faster.

However I am unable to get these filaments to extrude without cause the stepper motor to jitter and pause every few mm’s. I am also having issues getting the ninjaflex filament to extrude a consistent amount. When I emailed support, the reply was not to use anything but flex filament in the FlexStruder.

The flexydually’s flexible filament extruder will print solid filament; however, solid filament will accelerate wear on the PTFE tube inside the flexible filament extruder, so it’s not recommended.
Another difference between the two “V1” dual extruders is that the flexy dually has .5 nozzles, and the dually has .35 nozzles
I’ve not had a change to dig into the upcoming “V2” dual extruders bom, but if the new V2 single flexystruders are a guide, expect .6 nozzles on the flexy dually