Flexydually print with PLA?

Hello! I have a lulzbot taz 6 with a flexydually extruder, and a lot of PLA and some ninjaflex. The PLA is nice to print with by itself, but I keep having to print with only one nozzle - either ninjaflex or PLA - at once. Because the temperature difference is so large between the two material’s, Cura (the slicer I am using) does not let me print with the two of them at once.

What flexible material should I buy (in 0.5mm) to print with my PLA? And should I be printing with a different slicer?

Thank you.

I just received my taz 6 over the weekend and do not have a dually extruder, but I do have another printer with dual extruders and S3d lets me select temp for each extruder. Is there no setting in cura for that…firmware flash etc to enable this?

I built the Prusa to better understand the technical facets of 3d printing while learning how to troubleshoot and get things running smoothly. My Prusa i3 is probably running well enough to get some decent prints… I just really don’t like the extruder I’ve been using – an i3ext variant for e3d hot end. Between issues with calibrating the extruder, and getting the various axis issues worked out, I realized it will be a longer road to printing parts that have a decent degree of accuracy. Take this with the fact that I can’t print large parts on the Afinia H479 without a degree of warp/twist given the small build plate, and the Afinia’s locked down hardware limiting Open Source software solutions, I was on the market for a more turnkey printer with a large build volume that could print with a greater degree of quality and accuracy – oh… and able to use open source software.

Hmm, I know I can adjust the temperature of individual nozzles, but what is the purpose of selecting the two materials I am using in the drop down menu? I assumed that if affected something other than just the temperature.

AFAIK, selecting the materials under quick print just populates some well-tested parameters, including temperature, yes. But also maybe layer height depending on the profile (high speed, high detail) – undoubtedly other parameters…

But once you switch to full settings and start tweaking things, I don’t think the initial material selection makes any difference. (It copies those quick print, tested settings in as defaults, but then you’re free to try anything.

Using full settings, I did do some prints with PLA @205 and ninjaflex hotter, I think ? 225 ? – It seemed to work great for my purposes although I do think more people are using ABS with ninjaflex maybe for that reason.