FlexyDually Tool Head

Any idea when the FlexyDually Tool Head will be back in stock?

We’re hoping to have it back in stock in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks! Is it possible to place an order now and get in the queue when they ship?

I have a Taz 4, am I correct in assuming I can use my current print head to swap out on the FlexyDually and print PLA/PLA as well as PLA/Flexy?

Why does Flexydually head have 0.5 nozzle instead of 0.35?


The flexible filaments need to be extruded slowly. A 0.5mm nozzle has been found after much testing to perform best with these filaments while still providing a decent printing speed.

Sorry, I thought the Flexydually had two different extruders, one for flexy and the the other one for other filaments. So both extruders are the same in a Flexydualy head and can be used for everything ?


The hot ends are the same, but the extruders are different, one flexy, one standard Wades.