Convert Flexi-Dualie to standard Dual Head?

Can I change the Flexi-Dualie head to a standard Head (example the one that came allready with the TAZ5)
so I can hen a standart Dual Extruder, and when I want change the standart head to the Flexi-Duali head ?

If is possible, how can I do it?

Yes, you can do it.

lurk moar
search it
git gud

Hi there,

Certainly doable. Keep in mind the FlexyDually heads will both have .5mm nozzles, and the standard is .35mm. It is easiest to make them match (get a Budaschnozzle with a .5mm nozzle). If you do have the nozzles mismatched and your silcing program (like Cura) can’t handle it, you can tell it that both nozzles are .35mm nozzle and I personally have had fine results printing with .35mm profiles on a .5mm nozzle. Only lie to your TAZ this way if you have built up an otherwise trusting relationship, though.

Also make sure you keep the low profile NEMA 17 on the extruder, as the torque settings are different for the motors, and the larger stepper will not fit.

Have fun!