TAZ 5 Hexagon Extruder Mount FreeCAD File

Does anyone know where I could find the FreeCAD file for the TAZ 5 production version of the Hexagon Extruder Mount? I have been able to find the STL in the printed_parts directory and a FreeCAD file for the Buda Mount in the FreeCAD directory, but not for the Hexagon mount. I have checked the accessories directory as well and found the development files related to the Hexagon but the mount there is different then the production one. I want to make a few changes and would like to start with the CAD file, not an STL conversion.


I think I found the extruder body freecad file. Still looking for the extruder mount.

I found the extruder body at http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/fangtooth_guppy/freecad/extruder_body_fangtooth-v0.5. I had to rename the file with the proper freecad extension, but the part accurately reflects the production stl.

I have a TAZ 4 with a the buda extruder, can I purchase a hexagon hotend and replace the buda hotend using the same extruder setup.
Are there any changes to I need to make to the buda extruder, do I need to print any new parts.

Also if I want to print 1.75 filament, what are your thoughts on purchasing a hexagon hotend that is setup for 1.75 filament. I have read on the forum that people have been able to get the 3.00 hexagon hotend to work with 1.75 filament, but with mixed results.