Mini Building from the Mini

Still fine tuning the paint job…

WOW! That is small.

Is this part of a larger project like a diorama or something?

I’m planning incrementally larger and more complicated buildings. So far, I’ve been following designs for Anchor Blocks - Victorian era building blocks made of artificial sandstone - though it’s time to branch out a bit.

I call it an “art” project but it’s more of a hobby. - Dan

That is some really impressive detail! What material is this? Did you use model paint? The colors are really good too.

It’s PLA; after playing with my zoffset slowing print speed by about 40% and tweaking z hop a bit, I’m very happy with the prints I’m getting. I scaled the model size down about as far as the printer could go and still capture the detail that i wanted to see from the original designs - basically, bumpy features are in the half millimeter range, though I push it a little more since the layers are thinner.

Paint wise I just use thinned out acrylics and then a final dry brush pass. I’ll post bigger models once they’re painted.