Forum Improvements

You are now able to upload .stl, .gcode, .gco and .obj files as attachments to individual posts. Currently there is a 15MB limit to each file.

You can now embed youtube videos using the ‘share’ address from the YouTube video:


and the ‘youtube’ button above.


You can add the following file types as attachments now: sldprt, stp, skp, dwg and dxf.

What about FreeCAD files, *.fcstd and *.FCStd ? :slight_smile:

On Linux the extension is all lowercase, on Windows it’s a mix of upper and lowercase. No idea why they’re different…


I can no longer upload pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S5… My assumption is that they are too big, but I get some dipshit Mac’ish error instead.
“The image file you tried to attach is invalid.” <-- well you know it’s an image file, so why in the f@#$ is it invalid? LOL

Not that I really want to plague your server with large pictures(vs. linking)… But, honestly, I haven’t spent much time on forums for awhile now…Guess I’m just excited about a new hobby/prototyping… PhotoBucket use to work great, but now seems to suck/bite/blow…


I guess my point is… Can you get rid of the fixed width? And/Or offer a different theme?

No intention to start a war…
But tell me if this isn’t the most dipshit error a programmer could write? <— MOST would return, “Not Supported”… Not Apple… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

We’re a bit limited with the modules we can install. .fcstd should be allowed now.

Is there some way I can see only new post and after I have viewed them they do not appear again unless someone adds something new.
Is there a way I can track a post that I have made and waiting for a response, I see so many post that sometime I forget what I have reply to or a question I am asking. Can I have a post e-mail me when there has been a response or an update.
This post is a good example: Without having to check it every day, it would be nice to be able to tack this post and see an email when someone response, or just to see a screen where only new post show and it would be my responsibility to view or delete the post if I want to only see new posts.

I see at the bottom of this post there is a spot to check “notify me when a reply is posted”, Is this an e-mail notification or some else on this forum???

At the bottom of the page is a “Subscribe Topic” button. You should then see:

You have subscribed to be notified of new posts in this topic.

Try it and see!

Good job boys!
I’m quite new here, but it’s great to see everything moving along nicely for you.

Onwards and upwards!

One big issue that I have found is that this forum has way too many common words configured for the search. Frankly, how can X-axis be a common word? Yes, it’s a common word for this forum but if I have something wrong with the x-axis, the only way for me to find it is to freaking search for it. This is not how the “common word” configuration is supposed to work. Common words are “the a of and he she an” and the like… Please consider reconfiguring these and allow people the full power of the information contained in this forum.


The search function here is limited. Use your preferred search engine instead with a search string similar to: searchTopicHere

You’ll have better results.

Cool - you should also increase the avatar size which we can upload. :smiley: