Fullscreen on 1366x768 Ubuntu

Using the latest version of Ubuntu and Cura, I can’t seem to go fullscreen or even decrease the height. I’m unable to click the “Save to file” button because it’s too low and out of my screen.

Also, I don’t see the option for the beta on Ubuntu. Help would be appreciated, thanks.

Sorry to hear about the issues. What version of Cura LE are you running into this on? We have had a couple reports from windows users having issues due to their Open GL drivers being out of date, and may be a good place to start.

As for the Ubuntu packages, you can find the linux read.me here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/software/cura-lulzbot/linux/README.debian at the bottom you will find this table:

=== Table of Ubuntu releases and corresponding Debian code names:
17.10 artful stretch
17.04 zesty stretch
16.10 yakkety stretch
16.04 xenial stretch
15.10 wily jessie
15.04 vivid jessie
14.10 utopic jessie
14.04 trusty jessie


I’m on Ubuntu 18.04, and that is how I installed Cura 2.6.69. It seems like I have to enter in the full version number of the beta package? Would I just check what version the OS X one is on and request for that version with the command in the readme?

sudo dpkg -i cura-lulzbot_<package_version>_.deb

Because this one:

sudo apt-get install cura-lulzbot

Just installs the current stable release, which is 2.6.69.

I’ll look into the OpenGL drivers. Thanks!

Hmm, it looks like 18.04 could be buster? (based off a forum, not 100% sure if thats what you are running: https://askubuntu.com/questions/445487/what-debian-version-are-the-different-ubuntu-versions-based-on)

We didn’t have 2.6 builds available for buster, and could be causing some of the issues. We do have 3.2.12 and newer versions available for buster here: http://devel.alephobjects.com/ao/aodeb/dists/buster/main/binary-amd64/ and may be a better place to start. (3.2.18 is current beta version)

We did some testing over the weekend, and it looks like the buster build is working pretty well! We have updated the linux directions to include the buster builds.