Changing filament option requires two times to work

I am using a TAZ 6 lulzbot and the current firmware (Marlin 8/28/2018) and whenever I try to change the filament, on the first attempt the printer goes back to the correct spot to start back up but sits there. If I initiate the change filament a second time, then it works correctly. I realize this is not the release build (just a release candidate) but wondered if anyone else ran into this issue?

Also are there any plans for writing the current gcode to the SD card along with the current location so the printer could resume printing after a power outage?

Hey iguanaman - is this a plugin you’re using in CURA? I had trouble with pause at height and was wondering if this would work better. I took a peak at the gcode and my limited knowledge makes it appear that there is not a lot to the code.

Do you use this through CURA or do you run a separate feature?

I was using Octoprint so CURA wouldn’t crash about 2hours into the print.


No I am using CURA LE but I’m changing the filament from the LCD screen on the TAZ 6 directly. I select change filament option and it goes through the motions to extract then waits for you to indicate the new filament is in place and ready to continue. So far every time I do this, the first time the printer goes right back to the correct location and just sits there without moving. If I trigger the change filament option again (and go through all the motions again) it will then continue printing where it left off. I suspect this is a firmware issue. I’ve posted the issue on the Marlin workboard ( but haven’t seen the issue picked up yet.