Taz 5, how do we resume after M600 filament change?

Upgraded a Taz 4 to Taz 5, new tool head is amazing, students love that the printer is back up and running.

I thought I’d give the M600 filament change gcode command a test today to see if it was supported and got … mixed results. No pun intended.

The tool head moved up and away, the bed moved, we were prompted for a filament change, we purged a few times to get the new color extruding out, and then used the LCD menu to say we were done purging. The tool head moved back to where it left off, still at temperature, but then just … sat there. It didn’t resume printing. The LCD said the print was paused and there didn’t seem to be an LCD menu option to “resume print” or anything.

After several seconds of waiting we canceled the print.

If it matters, we’re using OctoPrint, and I manually put the “M600 B2” command ("B"eep 2 times) in the gcode. The printer also beeped maybe 3 or 4 times plus these two beeps. Might be a small bug there too, I dunno.

On other printers, I haven’t needed anything else besides the M600 to resume printing after changing filament, but I’m wondering if the Taz 5 firmware needs some sort of “resume print” command as well? If so, what would that gcode command be?

Thanks in advance!


On a second attempt, after the tool head returns to where it left off, still heated up and just paused (LCD screen says the print is paused), I used the LCD display to manually trigger a filament change, which moved the tool head to the back again, ejected the old filament (quite slowly, I’d love to speed that part up), we clipped the end and re-inserted the new filament, and then the print resumed just fine. So there’s something in the firmware that will resume the print just fine when done manually, but not when it sees “M600” in the gcode itself.

Lulzbot folks, any input/feedback on this? The M600 command seems to not be working well on Taz 5.

Lulzbot folks, we’re still looking for a resolution on this.

You might try contacting Lulzbot’s support line…