How to make a custom filament profile?

I need to make a custom profile for some Matter Hackers Build Series PLA - some of the colors (Gold and Magenta) don’t work well and the layers don’t seem to stick well to each other - have tried the PolyLight PLA that prints at 205C - but no go.

I tried to change a couple of temps by clicking on the custom tab and saved the gcode - but the print temp stayed the same best as I could figure.

Where can I find a real basic step by step to modify a profile and also to make a new click on it filament profile?

Thanks in advance for the help

First select a material. You may need to look through the Categories (All, Intermediate, Experimental and Supported) first to find your material. Note, All does not include all materials for some reason. There’s 2 PLA Materials selections under ALL & Supported, Verbatim & Village Plastics and 2 from Proto Pasta (Hight Temp & Steel) under Experimental. Choose anyone and select a Profile (High Detail, Standard or High Speed) which is basically just layer height but there’s probably some other adjustments in the profile that go along with these. Anyways, as soon as you modify one of the parameters in one of these built in default profiles it then becomes eligible to become a Custom Profile. Before you can do that though be sure to select the Custom button next to the Print Setup text.

After changing at least one value you then simply just need to select the Create profile from current settings/overrides… from the Profile drop down selection box and give your custom profile a name.

Then anytime you make a change select Update profile with current settings/overrides

Now you’ll just need to start experimenting with different settings.
To obtain better layer to layer adhesion you may want to try turning off Enable Print Cooling under the Cooling category by unchecking the box.

Good Luck!