Getting a raft to release

I am looking for some help. I have had my Taz 6 for a while. I have printed with several filaments, ABS, PLA, Copperfil, nGen, Carbon Fiber, and more. I only seem to have one issue I have not figured out a setting for (I have found a work around… though costly and it does not produce a nice finish) is the Raft settings. It seems no matter what I do… no matter how high the Air Gap (With in reason I figure) I can not get a print to release from the raft to save my life. I know I have to be doing something wrong, just don’t know what.

If anyone has some insight that I could try, a setting I should adjust, or a link to a thread I must have missed when I searched, I would be most grateful.

My work around is turning off the auto land setting. Raising the print 4 to 5mm. Turn on Supports with support set to only touch build plate. Support fill 50% or better. It works, but the bottom looks a little wavy. Works well if you are going to sand and paint… not so much if you are not going to do any finishing to the print.