newby question: do I need a raft for this print?

This model has an approx. 3.5" x 2.5" inch flat bottom surface.
I’m printing on Lulzbot Mini with HIPS.
I am relatively new to this and am wondering at what point people recommend using rafts for prints with HIPS.
Can I print this part without a raft? Will it come off the (untreated) print bed without too much trouble?
I’m trying to avoid having to learn the hard way…


M. Oepen_Giant-Fader-Knob - part A_mm.stl (26.9 KB)

You can use a 10mm brim to be sure that the corners of the base stay flat. The brim might be faster and less wasteful than a raft.

I second that. Use a brim instead of a raft. It’s much quicker, easier to cleanup, uses less plastic, and usually holds the part down to the table just as well. If you use simplify3d, just go the Additions tab and enable the brim option. I like to use about 6-10 outlines to get a good hold with my mini.