Having trouble getting printer not to print rafts

Hi! We just recently purchased a LulzBot Mini for our library. This is our third 3d printer, the other two are different brands. It’s driving my boss and I crazy, but no matter what settings I choose, every print we make seems to have a raft added onto it. Choosing brim, none, or skirt under the “Build Plate Adhesion” all add an unwanted layer at the bottom of our print jobs. I’m not sure if raft is the correct word to describe this but that’s what it looks like to me. It’s very thin and nearly impossible to remove without damaging the rest of the print. Two test prints with the supplied octopus file and several other files all do this. The quality assurance print does not have this on the bottom, so I assume it is something we are doing wrong.

Our print of the octopus, with “raft” on it. This was printed with none selected for Build Plate Adhesion, I have second one that looks just like it with skirt selected instead.

This is pretty strange. What is the “quality assurance print”? Is that the rocktapus that the manufacturer printed and included with the printer?

This happens with every file you slice in Cura and print? Different file names? Or are you saving as the same file name.gcode?

What version of Cura?

Look in your printer’s start gcode. There might be something in there,

Is this printer new from Lulzbot or used but new to your library?

I had a print come out with a bottom layer like that once and I just had to dial the Z offset down a bit to fix it. It’s was weird because it didn’t look like a Z offset problem because it looked like the problem layers were up a couple layers. But lowering the Z offset fixed the problem.

Yes, it is the print included in delivery.
Files we have downloaded and files we have made in house all print with this same extra layer at the bottom.
Cura version : cura-lulzbot 3.6.31
This is a new printer from Lulzbot, we followed straight thru the beginner’s intructions manual that came included and our prints all turn out the same.

Let’s see what your starting g-code looks like:
Preferences > Cofigure Cura… > Printers > Machine Settings
Printer tab, Start Gcode text block