Getting Really messy prints

My bottom layers have been getting a lot of little rigid lines lately. I dont remember changing anything in my slic3r settings but Im just not getting the quality prints I used to… Help? Layer Height to small?

I have included my slicer settings but they are the ones from Lulzbot

I also have been using my flexstruder lately but this was happening even before I switched it over.

medium_ABS_no-support_pt35nzl_pt22layer.ini (3.18 KB)

You have your first layer height set at 0.3. Try 0.9. 0.3 is a lot of squish on the first layer.

first_layer_height = 0.30


Are you saying that first layer hight can be as high as 0.9?

No. That number is not a thickness value. That setting builds the first layer as a percentage of the layer thickness you have selected for the part. So, at 0.3, you are building the first layer at 30% of the thickness of the rest of the layers. That really squeezes the plastic onto the bed. I have found good results using a first layer height of 90% or 0.9. That gives the first layer good adhesion without smashing it down too much.

When I go over .5 is gives me an error. Im not sure if you are using Slic3r but It wont allow you to use a layer height that exceeds the Diameter of the Nozzle you are using.

Maybe that is the first layer height in mm rather than the first layer height reduction in %. I have been wrong before. :slight_smile:

I will take a look tonight. I am surprised no one else has chimed in.

Do you have your extrusion rate calibrated correctly?

Pictures would help.

The first layer height values will read as mm’s unless expressed with a %.

.3 or .9 will read as .3mm or .9mm, if you type 90 in the field, it will take it as 90mm unless you add a % to it, 90%

That’s correct, ReddFoxx, I was mistaken in my earlier post.

Simplysumo, what you are describing sounds like you are over extruding. Pictures would help determine the problem. Do the layers clean up as a few are built?

Now that you say it… Over Extrusion sounds right… How do I fix that?

Have you performed the extruder calibration?

Make sure you measure the diameter of your filament and plug that into Slic3r.

Also, with your bed and extruder at printing temp, set the extruder to bed gap to ~0.005 inches.

Thanks for the advice! Im following the steps now!

One thing is confusing me though…

I have done the extrusion and Im left with 15mm So that looks like it is over extruding by 5mm…Yes?

Multiply your current extruder steps per unit (for example) 800 by the
desired extrusion length. In this example,
100mm, so 800(esteps) x 100mm = 80000.

Where is the 800 coming from in this equation. I have no clue how to find my extruder steps per unit!

Ok! I found it! All fixed! Time for a new print! Ill leave a picture of the results thanks!!!

Hi I have the exact same problem, but I use Cura. Anybody can help me? I am printing with PLA and used the High-Res Settings.