Why do I not get more layers in the slicer?

I’m trying to print a small object near the resolution limits of the printer - lines and text on a plain background.

The object thickness overall was 0.6mm: 0.3mm of rectangular background, and text and small rectangular boxes, making a scale, also 0.3mm thick.

But the slicer is only making 2 layers, at High definition, which is 0.15mm layer height.

How can I get it to print on the 4 layers I think it should take? I’m trying scaling up a little bit - to 0.9mm to start with. There’s some sort of quantization of layer heights going on.

Here’s the Sketchup file of the test pieces, with the small version scaled up to 0.9mm high, and the STL file of the smaller one only to speed up test printing.

I want eventually to print the lines and text on a thicker base, and extend the scale to 80mm from the sample piece of only 30mm length (20mm of scale)
Scale 0-20mm.stl (89.7 KB)
Scale 0-80mm.skp (508 KB)

In S3D, I get 6 layers with a layer height of .15…

What’s S3D?

Did you look at initial layer height? Some profiles make the first layer thicker which could reduce the number of layers. This can be adjusted separately from the layer height.

If the details are too fine for the nozzle line width I imagine they could also be dropped, but I’m unable to look at the model on my phone here.

(S3D is an alternative slicer program (simplify 3D))

You need to change the Initial layer height from the .48 MM to the .15 MM you want.

Likely short for “Simplify 3d”