Getting to stick

Having huge problem with parts breaking off at last couple layers. I have tried everything. The only one that stuck was when I put a huge raft and then that sticks so much had to run the model to get it off. Tried new blue tape, glue, that pei sheet, with without glue that same gold tape and same thing. Any thoughts? Models come out looking pretty good and I am printing PLA with temp of 200 bed at 60. Thanks!

get yourself some printbite. the engineer who researched the materials properties really knows what he’s doing. but please, follow the installation instructions to the letter. don’t touch it with your hands. when it cools down there’s an audible “crinkle” and the part just pops easily off. no fuss. for really really tricky parts a 5mm brim is sufficient. also follow the printing instructions: 1st layer should be done at around 30mm/sec (on printbite)

Try 70c for pla bed temperature, and also move the nozzle a bit closer and set your first layer thickness to 0.4mm

I find ABS juice on PET sheet works really well. About 60ml of acetone and 60 to 80 grams of ABS cut into 10mm lengths. I wipe the surface down with a tissue dipped in ABS juice. It hardly leaves any visible signs on the surface.

Printing PLA with the bed at 50C and so far after 7 prints I still haven’t needed to re-apply it.