Removing Stuck PLA Print from Bed?

I did a PLA print on my TAZ 4 that isn’t very high but covers a lot of area on the print bed. Now I can’t get the print to come off the bed. Prints normally stick quite well to the bed (I use a bit of Lulzjuice) and it takes some effort to get them off but this one is REALLY stuck. I’m not sure what to do and fear damaging parts if I try to get too violent with it. Is there a suggested method to get a particularly stubborn PLA print off?

  1. Remove bed from printer with 4 screws and 2 plugs
  2. lay glass on bench carefully
  3. Use clam knife in tool kit to pry up an edge. Do not point the blade towards yourself.
    3a. If you can’t pry up an edge with the knife, use a sharp scraper and rubber mallet with the bed on edge and the scraper facing down towards the bench
  4. slowly push and wiggle the knife under the part until it pops off

I use a long thin but wide Japensese knife that not to sharp. Its is long enough that the handle doesn’t interfere with the bed and is much easier to get the knife under the edge than the clamp knife. Once I have worked it under ways than i can pop it off.

It is kind of dangerouse though… my wife might find out what I am using her knife for. :wink: