Glow in the dark filament abrasiveness

Has anyone tried printing glow-in-the-dark through the Hexagon hot ends? Lulzbot sells it as one of the Village Plastics colors, but I’ve generally heard that it can be very abrasive and am concerned about the life of the brass nozzle - especially because lulzbot still does not sell replacement nozzles. Also there is currently no warning for that filament, like there is for CF filament.

If you did wear out a nozzle, you can get replacements at Makerfarm. Print away!

Ive purchased glow abs for my mini. My brother has since printed pieces with it and they turned out well. Unfortunately I cannot comment on its abrasiveness If any.
Above shows a white glow abs color chip and skull, on the right Is a color chip and skull in grey hips.

Above I just the glow abs color chip and skull