Green tape stuff pealing off bed glass

I had a feed issue today and it was a trick to scrape off the print, I pealed off part of the green tape stuff that came on the glass of the TAZ3.

I am wondering If I can take all this off and go right on the glass or am I going to need to get some new tape for the glass before my next print?

The issue is that your prints probably won’t stick. Lulzbot sells replacement PET sheets.

Depending on how big the missing piece is, and how much you can live with a wierd looking texture on the bottom layer of your part, you can possibly get by with printing while you wait for new sheet of stuff to arrive. As Theycallmejohn mentioned, the part won’t stick to the glass, but it may stick well enough to the surrounding area that you can get by temporarily. You can also just drag your parts off center in slicer so you are just printing on the remaining part temporarily.

You’ll want to have some sheets on hand though anyways for when you run into situations like that.