Where is the PET?

I have been happily using my TAZ 4 for a week. I love it. I read in the forums that it is really bad to print straight on the glass and you have to use the PET sheet…what PET sheet? Reading the manual would suggest that it is installed prior to shipping, but I can’t see it. I even tried to peel the edge up, but there doesn’t look as though there is anything to peel. Do I have one? how do you tell? I noticed that I could see the image of the octopus and bed calibration prints, so they must have been printed on the same surface that I am using. I can’t see or feel anything but glass. What is this PET thing?

It is the green sheet over your printbed:)

Does your “plate” look like this?

Dark greenish?

Yep, it looks exactly like that.

So the “sandwich” you see there is an orange heating element glued to the bottom of a clear piece of ~1/8 inch thick glass, and a green PET sheet stuck to top of glass. The PET sheet has adhesive on one side so it’s stuck very well to the glass.

If you disconnect the wires to the heaters and unbolt the corners you can take the glass off and peel the PET off the glass so that you can apply a new sheet. Putting new sheet down is a little tricky. You’ll want some dish soap and water and a squeegie to smooth out the airbubbles.

Whoever, or whatever applies the PET sheet at the Lulzbot factory does a spectacular job. The first few times you do it things won’t look so pretty. :open_mouth: