Hatchbox PLA problems on Mini

Received my Lulzbot Mini on Friday, along with a roll of eSun PLA (white) and Hatchbox PLA (black).

I printed the Rocktopus (success!) and moved on to print a different model in PLA. Had no problems at all with the eSun, printed perfectly. Then I tried to test the same print with the Hatchbox. I followed the filament changing instructions and made sure I was seeing pure black coming from the extruder. I’m using Cura Lulzbot Edition, and kept the same settings as for the eSun.

It was terrible. It came out globby and did not stick to the bed at all. I cancelled the print after the first couple layers. When I removed the print I saw that it was actually transparent in some places.

What could be causing this, and is there any way to fix it, or is it just a bad batch? I’m a complete beginner, so any advice appreciated.

For now I’ve switched back to the eSun and it is printing fine.