Heat set inserts...

Where can I find the heat set inserts that the TAZ uses and a howto on their use?



Here’s a thread with more information:

It’s not really helpful. There’s nothing that specifies WHICH parts are used in the TAZ and the only apparent vendor has a $125 min. order.

Where does Lulzbot get their inserts and what kind are they?

There was also no mention of how they’re actually inserted.



you want the shorter ones. and the installation tip…and the soldering iron if you do not have one.

heat up the iron. then put the insert on the hot tip. (smaller diameter side out). wait for it to change color, then push it into the hole PAST the surface. I also use a hex wrench to push it in further because it tries to pop out when hot. then I push and hold the plastic down on a flat plate (countertop works). this pushes any molten plastic flat.

Ah, now that’s EXACTLY what I was after! Thanks!

Now help a derp out - what screw diameters are used? :smiley:



Thanks aadamson!

Will the soldering iron tips work in a Hakko FX-888 iron, or do you need to buy their iron?

Are the insertion tips threaded?



No, the tips are not threaded…they are 1/4" diameter and slip fit into the soldering iron hot end, and then a set screw in the iron clamps it in place.

You can really use any tip–you just need to heat them up. The specialty tips are just nicer.

They don’t fit my Radio Shack irons. I cannot find my Weller solder station. I need to buy a new one.

I bought the inserter tip. It is 1/4 inch in diameter. I am told these stations have 1/4 inch tips, but they seem to be hollow tips and I am not sure if the McMaster inserter will work. Will it?



I don’t know if the McMaster/Weller tip will work in those other units. But I have done plenty of inserts with a really crappy soldering iron (at home, not work) that didn’t have a removable tip (like this: http://www.aaroncake.net/electronics/30w_soldering_iron.jpg )

You just need to get the inserts hot. It doesn’t have to be Weller & special tip, that’s just a bonus.

I tried heating the inserter with my iron like that, and my attention span is not long enough to wait for it to heat up - and I don’t like how nothing supports the inserter. McMaster sells an iron for it for $25, but it is probably just a $9 iron, and there does not seem to be any way to find out which iron will accept this inserter. I will have the Aoyue tomorrow. My guess is it won’t fit, but I need a soldering station anyway.

I use a cheap Radio Shack soldering iron. Just file down the tip so it just barely fits the insert. Holding the insert in needle nose pliers I push the tip into it and give about 1/8 turn. The insert will just start to thread itself into the soft copper of the tip and hold it in place while you install. Works great for removing them also.

Sounds like you have the removal tip. I have the non-threaded inserter tip.

If you have a lathe or even a drill and sander you can turn down the tip of probably any iron to just under the diameter of the thread. then plop the insert on the tip and let it heat up. then push the insert into the hole with the iron.

That is what I should do. I will do that now.

I just placed an order for some as well as the tip & iron.

Do these things work equally well in PLA and ABS?



I am not sure how I so far off track with these. First I didn’t realize they had them at McMaster, so I did the Dr Robert’s thing - which took a while as they don’t deliver next day like McMaster, though I think they are cheaper.

I actually did just order the solder iron from McMaster, but also just made my own and 1030 saved me $40.

Wow, they go in so easily.

I’m curious to see how much holding force they have…