This picture makes me think I’m right. I believe we see the hint of a single bearing holder centered under the X Carriage.

And, we see two single bearing holders under the bed. The holes on the aluminum bed mount plate are too far apart for a double bearing holder. (Click on the picture for original size)

Sorry, I’m done spamming now. :blush:

Ok, thank you Jebba for this orientation :slight_smile:.

Thanks Gemini, I see now :slight_smile:.

I like in the photo they show it printing upside down.

Go look at geneb’s outboxing video. At 18:28 we have a clear view of the back of the X carriage. I was right. :ugeek:


A problem we are facing at the moment with a friend, is to find a source for M3 and M5 inserts.
McMasterCarr doesn’t ship for european customers, and I hardly find such inserts in european online shops.

Would someone have any idea where to find a reseller for these vitamins for european makers ? :blush:

If there is a specific part you’d like a photograph or short video of, I’d be happy to oblige.


Thank you Geneb :slight_smile: .

Couby, I don’t know offhand who, but there are many PEM vendors in Europe.

Does this help?


Thank you for the reference.
Tappex doesnt seem to sell their products online directly so I went to Yardlryproducts. These are the options I could find:
Multi-sert OD - 0.2"(5.08mm) Length - 0.19"(4.826mm)
Quick-sert OD - 0.228"(5.7912mm) Length - 0.187"(4.7498mm)
Holes for the inserts according to Freecad models have a diameter of 5.2mm, so Multi-sert might have problems gripping the plastic correctly. Holes for the Quick-sert on the contrary might need some slight enlargment (not a big deal). Other option would be to simply change hole diameter in Freecad but some parts are missing and im not sure if the parts are up to date.
Quick-sert is considerably cheaper $0.961 vs $0.597. Quantity discount starts at 500 (price drops to $0.193) so it should be taken under considaration especially if you are thinking to make more than one set. Anyway it doesnt come cheap. Traditional screw-nut fixation can probably be used in most places, but fixing smooth rods for example might be tricky without inserts.
Would like to hear some opinions, xM.

Edit: minimum order for yardleyproducts is 125$ (650pcs of Quick-ser)

Sorry for this late answer.

Thank you Orias for these orientations, and xM for analyse of these websites.

Doesn’t seem to be so obvious Jebba :frowning: , or I’m really too too bad at sourcing exercise :blush: .

For M5 inserts I made a mod of y_mount_table in order to use washer+squared nut (a couple I’m also using in place of t-slot nuts, what is cheaper here).

Another solution for makers could be the use of Y_FrameConnector.stl in earlier TK-0 files. If I’ve well understood, the last design and use of M5 inserts, is to make easy for customer the mount of Y-frame with ZX-frame.

I’ve bought M3 inserts here (BW2388 M3 x 4mm straight knurl thru) : http://www.anchorinserts.co.uk .
It is not cheap (22,96€ / 120 pces + 20€ shipping) and I’m not sure about the final result :cry:
I’ll try to stay as close as possible to original TAZ design for my first one. For my second I think about tryings mods in order to avoid such vitamins, hard to find, at least for me :blush: .
I’m not an ace for mods, but if interested I’ll share what I do here with pleasure.

I am looking for a set of plastic parts to build a TAZ.

Anyone out there willing to print a set? PM me with details.

Hey all,

It’s nice to see that I’m not alone in building a TAZ!

I had several 5052 aluminum beds water jet cut to Lulzbot specifications. I only need one. I’ll post some pictures soon. If anyone wants one, let me know!

I am interested in one…just messaged you.

Here is a picture of the bed plates, as promised:

These are straight off the waterjet (raw finish) so will be some scuffs or scratches on the plate. They can definitely be polished, although I don’t know why you would do that considering this part isn’t really visible…

Anyway, I paid about $35 per plate with shipping, looking for $45 to pay for the time to ship them. PM me if interested!

Good luck with the TAZ build!

This is my BOM so far. I have $730 into it. It has part numbers and sources that should help a lot of people.


I am using these:


It would be nice to adapt the parts to accept this Delrin ACME nut.

Hey TAZzers,

I just read through rsilvers’ BOM and I lament my failure to post this earlier…

I just want to post a rave about http://www.boltdepot.com. I ordered (almost) all of my TAZ hardware from them as opposed to buying bags of 100 or whatever from McMaster; yes, they sell individual pieces at a very reasonable (sometimes better) price! Although there is nothing wrong with having leftover hardware…

The black oil finish they offer is much like black oxide, but with a more metallic, oily sheen to it. It has different mechanical properties, but the difference shouldn’t affect this build. It looks great, and I think I actually prefer it to black oxide.

I hope this potentially saves people some $$$!

Awesome! http://www.boltdepot.com/

You just saved me (and everyone who was buying from McMaster) $84.16!

Anything close to 100 - buy as 100 packs - cheaper than buying the 80 or 88.