Heatbed won't reach proper temperature

I’m trying to set my heatbed to 110 degrees, but it will only reach ~ 92 and not go any higher.

Is there something wrong, or is it just too cold in my basement?

The TAZ heatbed doesn’t need to go to 110 degrees. it should be set at 85 for proper operation. it’s a different design than the AO-10x series ones and the thinner circuit board means the temperature sensor reads a lower temperature than the same sensor did on the thicker AO-10x board that had more material between the hot bit and the sensor. Try printing at 85 and see if things stick. there is a typo in the manual that says 110 still for the TAZ, there is a thread about it stickied somewhwere in here.

If you have an AO-10x instead, ignore all that and you might have a bad thermristor or heat bed

I’m printing in a cold environment - it simply won’t stick at the lower temps. I have good results at 110.

Update: I reset the machine a few times, and it seems to be working fine now.

From another topic:

50ºF is ridiculously cold! (for anyone outside the USA, that’s 10ºC)

Rather than overtaxing the print bed (who knows what that might do in the long run), I think you should use an enclosure.