Heating failed, Mini 2 E1 reset

Had a failed print yesterday, now the system will not heat and gives the E1 error code. But in a new head and get the same error. Updated firmware. Both heating elements test around 15 ohms. I don’t think the heater is getting power, if I put my finger on the cold nozzle and turn on, it stays cool but the sensor can see the warmth of my touch. My Mini is old, from 2019, but not opened until last week. Thanks,


Could just be a bad wire or connector for the heater, so test with your multimeter at the toolhead side of the harness, then plug it in, and test at the printer side of the harness, followed by testing where the toolhead heater wires plug into the control board.

Discovered a blown fuse, replaced and now working. Not sure they need eight bolts to hold the cover on.