Help, I cannot get it in!

As the title suggests I’m having a bit of a problem. I purchased a replacement Y axis arm for my 1.0 Mini. The original had formed a crack. When I received my replacement from Lulzbot that part was also already cracked! Eek! But Lulzbot support quickly sent out a new part. Problem is, the new part won’t slide onto the smooth rod as it should. It seems the hole is too narrow on one side. Has anyone else encountered this?

From your title I was afraid to read the content :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of that problem before. Do you have calipers to measure the difference in diameter between the two holes, or between the hole and the smooth rod? If there was an issue with the printer that produced the part, I would expect the issue to be consistent between the two holes.
In any case, it’s probably easiest if you’re able to just drill it out a bit.