Help me identify this filament maker

Hi all!

I’m sure this is a long shot, but why not try right?

I recently started volunteering at my local library in a section they call the “Innovation Lab”

They have a couple Lulzbot Tax 6 and some other interesting gadgets. (3d goggles and some programs, little bits, silver bullet cutters and so on)

So anyway, the library staff kind of got thrown into the mix with the Innovation Lab, and isn’t really sure what they’re doing. (None of them ever messed with 3d printing before the lab opened) I’m trying to build profiles for each type/brand/color of filament in Slic3r so the staff can just find the patrons print and select the preset settings.

I’ve come across a good portion of their filament (about half of their 50 spools) that isn’t labeled with a brand. The only information I have is that the unlabeled type is PLA, the color, and the thickness. Relentless google searches haven’t revealed anything regarding the seemingly random numbers on boxes or spools.

The spools tend to come in a box with a side window with a single sticker on the box that says something like: “PLA 3.0 Burly wood 0204PLA025017”.

The spool itself is a mat-black with a single sticker that just says “PLA”

Some points that may be helpful:

  1. They are shrink-wrapped as opposed to just sealed with air inside the plastic.
  2. There are two boxes labeled “Violet” that are very clearly Pink.
  3. There are also two others that are labeled “Maroon” which are very clearly Purple/Violet.

As I said, I understand this is quite the stretch with the limited information, but I was just hoping someone might have the same type.
If anyone thinks it will help, I’ll try to find a way to post pictures. (I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t know how to use the Mac here at the library to take pictures)

Thanks in advance for the help!