Help. Taz 3 upgrade. I’m not good at this.

My mother’s library was give a taz 3 that needed a new hot end. After consulting support I was told to upgrade the head to an aerostruder and build a harness to fit. The harness is not the same as the taz 3 and I’m completely at a loss. It was assumed that since I’m techie I know how to wire anything. I don’t and would really like to help her library start this stem program.

This is what I told to do.
This was not too helpful.

I did my best and now get an e1 temp error and have extra connections that don’t lead anywhere. My thoughts are that the wires are mixed up somewhere. Does anyone here know of a person I can bring this to for support? Or can help?

Thank you very much

Post pictures of your hotend wiring , the extruder wire and the inside of the control box and I can tell you whats going on. Chances are the extra wire is the Taz 6 bed leveling wire, which you will not need. The error you are seeing probably means that you have the thermistor and the heater wires swapped. If you tried powering on the hotend with 24v of heater power going through the low voltage thermistor you may need a new thermistor now.