Wire came out of the extruder

The smaller black wire came out of the extruder…
It pulled out of the insulation, and inbetween said wire and said extruder is a little clear tube I assume the wire goes in. How is this all supposed to go together?

Assuming the picture pulls up, A Is my wire, B is the clear tubing, and C is the insulation on the sister wire.

A little feedback would be helpful…
I just tried reassembling the wire by just stuffing the wire back into the tubing, but I get: ERROR 0: EXTRUDER SWITCHED OFF: MAXTEMP

Sounds like a connection is still not being made, but the wire can’t reach back into the extruder. Is there some trick to popping this thing back in?

That little tube can withstand high temperatures and it’s on the thermister and keeps the 2 wires from shorting out. The thermister is the device that tells the board how hot the heater block is.

The wires are crimped together as solder would melt. So you need to find a crimp connector and hook both wires back up properly. If this is not done properly your printer will show the wrong temperature and could overheat and even catch fire. If you are not familiar with doing this you need to find a friend to do it or maybe contact Lulzbot and see if they will sell you one with the wires connected already.

The small solid wires on the thermister do not like being bent and they will snap if too much bending is done and this is likely what happened to yours.

Oh, and the thermisted is just shoved into that hole, you will likely be best to remove it and undo the plug on the other end so you can lay it out to fix it.

This is what is inside the hole https://www.lulzbot.com/products/100k-epcos-thermistor

I was going to say, splicing that wire and it looks tiny would be an exercise in patience, If its just a matter of pulling the thermistor out and installing a new one, that is what I would do. It senses the temperature of the head and adjusts the heater via a controller, according.

Here is the extruder head assembly guide for the mini. It’s slightly different than the Taz 5 because the mini has the wire for the auto leveling conductivity going to the side mount screw, but the other mounting bits are all the same.

Chances are if that tube is still in the extruder body, you need a new thermistor.