We've got issues: Error E1 Taz 6

Here’s how we broke it:

(focusing on software since we didn’t touch any of the hardware or parts on the TAZ)

  1. we were updating the software for our Taz 6 to 3.6.25
  2. during the install, we weren’t sure which tool head we had–so we guessed–wrong.
  3. now we are receiving this message: “E1 ERR: MINTEMP, PRINTER HALTED, PLEASE RESET”

What we’ve done to troubleshoot:

  1. unplugged, turned off, waited… repeated… no luck.
  2. we uninstalled the Lulzbot 3.6.25
  3. reinstalled above software, using correct tool head (thank you IT dept)
  4. tried unplugging everything, etc. again… no luck again.

We think we just need to reset it… but how?

Advice appreciated…

The TAZ 6 controller board (RAMBO) supports two extruders and there is a connector on the back of the TAZ 6 where a cable for a dual extruder tool head can be connected. If you accidentally loaded firmware for a dual extruder, then then firmware is looking for a thermistor connected to this second cable. A 100Kohm resistor across the correct pins will fool the controller board so that you can load firmware for a single extruder.

If you have this second cable installed, the correct two pins have orange wires. If you don’t then you will need to connect the resistor across two pins in the connector on the outside of the electronics enclosure, or remove the cover and connect the resistor across two pins on the RAMBO board itself. You can probably find the correct pins starting with the OHAI documentation at https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz6-control-box-assembly/taz-6/.

IMO, a better option would be to contact support. They should be able to provide you with the best solution to get you going again.

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Thank you, yes, this is exactly what happened. I will check in with Support before I get too wild with the hardware. Thanks!

What tool head do you have installed? I had issues with the firmware update and was getting wrong tool head warnings.