Help with adding BL Touch to Taz 6

Any help with adding a BL touch to my Taz 6 would be greatly aqpreciated! Id love to add it to my titan Aero(1.75mm) but i also have the SE(2.85mm) and custom made head from a awesome dude i know thats modeled after the Lulzbot 1.75mm original toolhead. I have the etched modular print bed with the PEI glass bed and i CAN NOT get that bed level no matter what i do physically! The 4 point probe totally sucks so i really want to go with a BL touch! I cant find much on this issue. So im going straight to the Lulzbot experts! Thanks yall!

You’ll need to do a custom marlin build, but it’s possible.

I can’t remember where the original thread is, but I did copy the wiring portion:

"The servo pins on the RAMBo are labeled MOTEX MX3, MX2, and MX1.
There are five pins in each row. Three of those are the usual SERVO pins:

Row Extra Servo
“MX3” D46 D30 … D24 GND 5V (Servo 2)
“MX2” D45 D31 … D23 GND 5V (Servo 1)
“MX1” D44 D32 … D22 GND 5V (Servo 0)

You want to connect the BLTouch to the MX1 pins (bottom row) with:

Orange => D22 … Brown => GND … Red => 5V

The other two leads of the BLTouch should connect to the “Z-MIN” endstop connector. Their order doesn’t matter.

Wired in that configuration, you’ll have to configure marlin to use BLTouch. Most of the youtube guides that are generic BLTouch installation will work, but you’ll be starting from the lulzbot fork of Marlin.

You will have to edit your startup GCODE to replace the heating, wiping and probing code with the G29.

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Thank you my friend!

You might want to look at GitHub - drunken-octopus/drunken-octopus-marlin: An Alternative (Unofficial) Marlin Firmware for AlephObjects Printers and for firmware.

Thank you very much! Ill check that out!