BLTouch on the Pro coming real soon

Saw the long-bed pro, which mentioned this little thing: OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions (

The washers definitely had their place, but this is definitely the way to go. I’m hoping that the engineers take the time to tap the little-used dual extruder connections and some pins on the Rambo board to add the same to the Taz 5/6 and modernize them.

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I agree. Getting BL touch on TAZ5 would be nice. I have (2) TAZ 5 printers.with many mods and would love to modernize the bed leveling.
There is something very satisfying about doing it manually but auto leveling would speed things up.

Based on the install instructions, they’re avoiding doing any work inside the controls box. Doing anything for the Taz 5 would require work in the box in addition to modifying marlin, and they haven’t updated marlin firmware for the 5 in quite some time.

The Rambo board has enough pins to do it though.

The bl touch is not as durable as the washers that’s the problem I have with it but if it’s a upgrade kit that’s fine

I haven’t seen durability issues as a concern. I suppose the little plastic probes are technically a weak point, but not one that should be in contact with anything but the bed, and the probes are easily replaced.

Other problems with bl touch If the toolhead crash lands

The regular nozzle is lower than the BLTouch when stowed, so in a crash that’s what’s hitting the bed. If it’s deployed in a crash, it’ll just bump up.

I can see some issues arising if your bed isn’t clear and you catch the probe, but normal operation it should be fine.

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What I am saying is the electric metal leveling is stronger then plastic but I think there should be a BL touch toolhead is that something we can agree on @wr

The nozzle to washer level is stronger, for sure, and if you could get a 100% clean nozzle 100% of the time, with a 100% flat surface it would be perfect. With BLTouch and similar, you need to worry about swapping nozzles changing the z offset relative to the probe, and either include a touch sensor on every toolhead rigidly mounted relative to the nozzle, or mount one on the plate, separate from the toolhead, and worry about irregularities in mounting position requiring manual measurement and adjustment whenever you change a toolhead.

On my modified Taz 6, I’ve opted to mount a BLTouch on each toolhead.

Yes but the reason why I like the lulzbot taz & lulzbot mini Is strength, & durability otherwise i would have gotten a different 3DPrinter but if bl touch is a option that is fine

I haven’t been using the BLTouch long enough to speak of its longevity, but for the superior leveling, I’d be willing to consider them a wear item if it came down to it.

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I understand your opinions I have used x3 prints under 4 hours every day for 2 & 1/2 years before changing toolhead that’s my experience though if time proves it go ahead