Warping ABS


I am using Lulzbot brand ABS with a Taz 6, single extruder, recommended settings. The object being printed is coming out with warping on the bottom and in the support structure. Is this indicative of a temperature issue? Something else? I would appreciate any help troubleshooting this problem. Photos of the print in question are attached.


Hello kdelaney,

When we see warping with ABS it’s usually indicative of the filament itself. ABS is notorious for warping because the upper portions of your print cool faster than the lower portions. The contraction that this causes pulls up the lower layers and, well, you see the results.

There are some solutions to this. The easiest way to avoid warping is to switch filaments if you can. PLA, for instance, is much more dimensionally stable when it cools.

If you need to use ABS, the best option is to purchase an enclosure or build one yourself. You just want to keep the case fan opening clear so your Z stepper doesn’t overheat.

Other options include increasing your hot end temperature to 250C and/or disabling your cooling fan. You can do this by going into your Custom settings in Cura, expand the Cooling section, and removing the check mark next to Enable Print Cooling.