Help with my Benchy

Hey all,

Just picked up a TAZ Pro off E-Bay a few weeks ago, and I’ve been going through multiple test prints of the Benchy, some extrusion towers and temp towers trying to get everything right. Right now I’m calibrating just Extruder 1 as E2’s actuator is broken. Lulzbot support is helping me with E2 repair so hopefully calibrating this one in isolation should be fine…

I’m slicing using lulzbot cura
using polymaker polylight pva filament in true blue

Sofar I’m basically using the stock profile provided “Standard Setttings” to slice with a few modifications

Build plate temp initial layer: 65
Retraction dist: 2.5
Retraction speed: 25mm/s
retraction extra prime amount: 0.3
combing: all
wall speed 30
outer wall 30
top speed 30

There’s still some artifacts and I’m at a loss for what to do to fix these final ones

  • Rear right of the cabin as well as the box beneath looks under extruded right around the corner…but most the rest of the model seems ok, not sure if there’s something to explicitly target that side ??

  • Top of the box on the back just has a massive crack, again a sort of how do i trouble shoot something that looks like it’s just in one spot?

  • The chimney on top seems oblong, I don’t own calipers to measure but it seems like it’s an oval. The belts seem tight enough, not sure how I’d tighten them since the frame is fixed…or what else to do to help?

  • Just from eyeing the model I think the right side of the hull is slightly thicker than the left (looking top down)…

  • The circles on the front of the ship have a “ghosting” repeated pattern along the hull, reducing wall speed seems to help, maybe I should do that more?

  • There’s still some stringing, but its much better than when I started, think this is acceptable