TAZ Pro tanked after troubles!

Hello I purchased a new Taz Pro and it shipped 7-1-19. I honestly have been fighting with this thing since I bought it. It has over the 8 months I have owned it just stops printing and goes home with no errors what so ever. This past weekend I decided to do a full mechanical check to it and found extruder on left side loose with a lot of play and movement. I then proceed to find half the allen heads on the whole machine pretty loose and inconsistent. I checked all hardware. I then preceded to update firmware since everytime I boot up Cura it tells me it needs to be updated. This is where the problem really begins. I recorded my Z and stepps info and proceed with update. It just sat there with the bar preceded to be done but never finished or rebooted. Now I have a totally blank screen on Taz with no communication via USB. What now??? Can I update firmware directly to the board somehow??

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This might sound dumb but do you have stable power? I have my printers sitting on a UPS because I will see blips in power that cause issues like this.

I suffer something similar. Extruder 1 stops printing and you get an error stating that there is a filament problem. Before that I was getting the same behavior as you do.

I solved it by take off the dual extruder. I was able to get a .8 mm single head and it prints flawlessly after that.

There is something seriously screwed up with that dual print head.

Also, you probably have already figure this out but all of the materials, especially the PLA are set with a bed temperature setting way to high and the prints will not stick. They peal off at the edges or come unstuck completely.

If I was a conspiracy nut I would think the last Lulzbot employee who touched this code purposely screwed up the settings to make their employer look bad.

I am not so I will just chalk it up to really poor quality control and forgetting 10 years of printing history.

But, yeah. That dual extruder has some serious bugs.

Thanks for the replies, when I first got the pro I had some adjustment issues with filament sensor and got that set right. It gives an error so you know what shut it down. I also do have my printer on a very robust battery backup so I know it is not a power issue. It also homes so I know the power did not just quit. It is irrelevant anyway now since it wont boot at all??

Crap, that sucks. When it runs the Pro is a great printer. I would love it if the new owners would respond. They do not respond to any of of my inquiries now.

I am getting the feeling we are complete abandoned at this point, which is a real shame.

Yeah what really sucks is I had a Taz6 with tons of issues, went back for warranty and came back with different issues. I pitched a fit and they took it back for Taz pro sale. Now 8 months in it they are out of business and a tanked Pro. Not a happy camper. Been reading up on Marlin and looks like I need an Arduino to jam the code directly to the board, ugh. Didnt think I needed to figure out the internals to fix my Taz

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Fame did pick them up and are slowly responding to support and orders.

Regarding PLA profile… my PLA profile was starting at 55°C for the first layer, then dropping to 45°C for the rest of the part. On a larger part (large by the size of the base layer) it would cause warping issues as it the bed cooled … and that created problems. I tweaked the profile to run at 55°C for the whole print and that seems to have remedied the issues. PLA commonly recommends bed temps near 60°C.

On the issue of the extruder that stops printing. I have seen this on my Pro … but rarely. The Pro has a combination filament jam and filament run-out sensor. The sensor is basically a wheel that monitors that the filament moves when the Goode calls for filament. What I found is that on some parts that required an excessive number of retractions in a very short amount of filament, the hobbled gear (feeder) would start to dig into the filament and tear it up … until it digs a bit of a gouge in the side of the filament. At that point the filament doesn’t want to feed. So the jam is actually legitimate (at least… it was in my case). The “fix” was to tweak the profile. My profiles were allowing 99 retractions per something like 3mm of filament feed. I lowered the retraction limit to a value … closer to 10.

The changes means that if if the gcode calls for more retractions than the set limit before feeding enough filament (based on mm of filament fed) … then subsequent retractions will be ignored until it advances enough filament.

Another thing to check is the tension on the idler arm (which has spring-tension to press the filament agains the feeder / hobbed gear.

Once I corrected that, the issue went away. I do sometimes print withPVA and PVA is fairly soft… so I really have to watch the retraction limits on that or it will jam easily. But the jams are legit (when I check the filament… there really is a big gouge isn’t the side and it’s not feeding properly).

Those issues aside… things should (hopefully) be assembled properly. LulzBot has staffed up their support and calls are generally answered and addressed. If you think your printer has assembly issues, I’d encourage you to call them.

Appreciate the input! I have found tweaking runout to have helped with actual feed errors. My issue is one that no errors are generated. I did manage to update firmware via usb even though cura could not connect and had blank screen. I did get it to print again and hopefully tightening all chassis and extruder screws and FW update fixes my issues

I measured the distance between the run-out sensor and the input for the extruder and use that number for the run-out. I do not get false run-out alarms AND I waste less than 50mm of filament per spool :slight_smile: Not sure yet if there is a downside.