Can I make a Flexystruder with any hotend?

I was thinking of tackling the project of building my own Flextstruder for my TAZ 6. Not necessarily for the cost savings but more the fun of doing it and the (hopefully) sense of accomplishment. I have no problem using a Hexagon hotend, but it got me thinking, do I have to use a Hexagon hotend? Or, could I use something else? I’m thinking as long as it works with the Wade extruder mount plate it should work. That was also said without knowing what is going to be required for the bed leveling and whether a different hotend can also be hooked up to provide the same electrical contact for the probing process.


You can, the difficulty you will run into is that not every hotend shares the same socket depth for the channel mount. For example, a hexagon uses the same notch as the E3D V5, but the E3d V6 which uses a 5mm spacing. You will run into gaps or extruders that are too tall depending on which one you choose. Either condition can be corrected for, either by altering the model or altering the final print (glue in spacer disks, bored out holes, etc. )

OK, thanks. Kind of what I was thinking. So sounds like less hassle to just get this? (the one with the .6mm nozzle)

Thanks again