Lulzbot hexagon hotend differences than other

I am in the midst of designing a flexystruder that works with the hexagon hotend. I have heard that the one lulzbot uses is “modified” from the one that RepRapDiscount sells. I was wondering if anybody knows the exact difference?

I can see in the photos that the heat sync closest to the nozzle is thicker on the lulzbot version but that’s all I can really see.

Otherwise it looks like all I need to do is print the flexystuder with a large inset in the bottom to accommodate the top of the hexagon hotend. Also has anyone already done this?


The bigger heater block seems to be the only difference I can find.

Check the top of the hotend, the cylinder that sticks out above the aluminum plate may be taller than the buda.

I think someone may have made an adapter plate to convert the existing flexistruder…

The following prototype is what I have used for the 4-5 flexistruders for the hexagon I made for a couple minis, a Taz3, and the Taz5 I assembled.

Since the TAZ and the mini use the same basic extruder it will work for either.

Seems to be working for me so far(about a month now). YMMV.

I went ahead and made some slight mods to the original (made the inset in the bottom to fit the hex) and it’s printing now.

Printed my incarnation of the Flexy Hex and it looks great. Ordered a bunch or parts to go with it as well as scavaging parts off my old Buda setup. I plan on using this one for flexible filament of course so I am waiting to hear back from RepRap Discounts to see if I can buy it with a .5 nozzle already installed. (Iv’e heard that .50 nozzle is best for flexible filament)

Any more info on the Flexy Hex for the Taz 5?

I have an extra hotend and going to covnert it. But I don’t want to have re invent the wheel if its already been done and semi documented.

I have not complely finished mine as I had to steal the nozzle from my new hotend to fix my old one so I am not 100% certain it will work but it should. I will attach the stl file here.
Flexistruder Hex (repaired).stl (346 KB)

Printing it out now. Lets see how it comes together. Thanks!