Hey everyone!
I just recently purchased some HIPS from gizmo and the all metal hot end clogged. I was running the extruder at 240 and raised the temp all the way top 280 trying to remove the clog. The clog appears to start exactly around the “copper?” tube which i believe is the heat block. I’m completely unable to push the HIPS at all! This is photo might be able to give a better explanation than i can about the filament location. Thanks, Jordan.

That’s a tough one… usually a pair of curved forceps can grab the filament… but that looks right at the edge of the extruder.

So you could remove the extruder to get at the filament from the top… or you can remove the nozzle and hop there’s enough filament to grab with needle nose pliers or the forceps above.

I’ve never removed the extruder, but recently removed the nozzle… which was pretty easy. You’ll need two wrenches (heater block and nozzle), 18mm and 8mm will work… but if you can get a 17 and 7mm that might work better. Heat the hotend to 165C, and the nozzle should unscrew nicely. The nozzle will be hot… so plan wisely. :slight_smile: Next time I do it, I’ll find my vise-grips.

Grab the filament and pull out, or hand feed filament through the top to push the segment through. Might as well soak the nozzle overnight to remove what might be in there. Feeding in a fine wire through the hole will ensure its cleared.

To put the nozzle back on, you’ll need to heat the hotend. At about 120, I was able to get the nozzle threaded. And at 180 it goes on fully. I raised to operating temps, 240, and checked the tightness again.

Good luck! Report back, always good to hear other experiences.

Don’t remove the nozzle.

Remove the tool head off the printer, then take apart the extruder mount to separate the Extruder body from the Hot end, buy following these instructions in reverse:


Keep in mind that if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of this you’ll be better served by contacting our support team by sending an email with the following information to Support@LulzBot.com:

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information

The Hexagon tool head has a couple fragile components- namely the thermistor wiring and the small 5v blower fan wiring.

Prior to doing anything- is the small 5v blower fan that directs air to the cooling fins run as soon as you turn on the printer? If not that fan may need to be replaced and may be plugged in incorrectly. That also may be the source of your troubles.