Holes on side of prints on the X and Y appear squashed.

I’ve been having this issues for a while now and I figured it’s time to finally take care of it. I’ve tried looking around but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on how to fix it.

When I print parts with holes in them, any holes on the sides of the print, along the X and Y axis, appear to be slightly squashed. Holes that run through the part top down on the Z axis are perfectly round.

Now they could be stretched but it happens on both X and Y so it leads me to believe they are being squashed on Z.

I currently don’t have a digital caliper to determine where the fault is.

I’m wondering if there is a setting in the firmware I need to tweak, something doesn’t seem to be calibrated correctly.

Is there a step by step guide out there that helps you calibrate the printer, like a list of objects to print, measure, and change settings in a specific order to get things dialed in? There must be a series of things done at the factory that determines things like the E-steps.

Try Triffid Hunter’s Calibration guide for the Z steps:

You’ll need to figure out which type of lead screw is used on the Mini…

What material are you printing? You could try lowering the extrusion temp to help the layer set before the next layer is deposited… 2-5C may help. If using ABS, try increasing cooling a few percent… lowering the extrusion temp could lead to delamination from poor bonding.

I’m printing with PLA, the brand is Gizmo Dorks. I print at 205.