Consistent Printing Layer Issue

Hi all,

After a lot of tinkering and cleaning, I have still not managed to remedy the issue that can be seen in the image.

I am consistently getting poor quality printing at the same layers, to the same height, across all of my prints. The rest of the print is fantastic, however all of the prints experience the same poor quality, at the same height.

My suspicion is that it must be to do with the z axis somehow, however I haven’t had any success yet. I have also thought that it might be that the bed temperature is too high? I am printing in HIPS, and using the recommended temperatures specified however.

Any help would be most appreciated!


Have you tried step 18 of the Quick Start Guide?
I know it’s for the TAZ, but it will work for the Mini in the same way.

I’m assuming that the print is upside down and that the bad layers are at the start. If that is the case, I had the same issue until I performed the E step calibration. Then my prints looked nice. Here is a thread where I ask why this is not done at the factory:

A link to the process but for the Mini I describe in the thread above how I had to guess at some of the steps but it seemed to work fine:

I found after doing the calibration, I could use all the default settings in Cura except that I had to enter the diameter of my filament. My filament is 2.95 instead of 2.85

If the top of the print in the picture was on the bed, then it could be that you’re too close too the bed. Try a .1-.2 Z-offset. If that helps, then the auto-level is not working properly.

The fix would be to clean the nozzle, and the probe points on the bed… change the wiper pad.