Homemade Taz, Budaschnozzle 2.0

Hi everyone,

I “finished” (it’s never finished) my Taz the other day and got a print out of it. You can see a video of the octopus printing here: http://youtu.be/MW8Qi5iNOOc.

The Taz is currently a 1.0 because I ordered my parts back in August when the download.lulzbot.com server was not updated for v2.0. I’ll update my parts as soon as I get smoother operation. The octopus printed great, not sure yet about quality but i’m sure if you watch at least the end of the video you could give me some feedback. After that I started printing two Z Nut Springs because mine are cracked. The Budaschnozzle clogged during the print and needs to be cleaned. I think I need to put more threadtape on the threaded extension and perhaps run it at a higher temperature.

Here is a picture of the nozzle: http://opensourceecology.org/w/images/2/28/2013-12-11_15.02.53.jpg
There are plenty of videos embedded in my log at http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Aidan_Williamson_Log especially in the 2013 section

Nice! Print quality looks good to me. What size nozzle bore is that?

I think that mirror would drive me insane trying to tell if I had lifting on a part edge though heh.

There is a new revision of the Z nut spring in the Dev folder somewhere that uses 2 nuts and should help alleviate the splitting in theory.

Looks like a nice machine!

Cool. Looks like you cloned every last part, even the CNC nozzle, etc. Nice work. The latest development TAZ files as of today are here:



Edit: Also, could you point out in places where you upload this that it is a TAZ clone, so it doesn’t get confused with our shipping product, please?

Sure. Would you prefer I write Taz Clone or can I simply put Taz in quotes like this “Taz”. Or I could write that my material does not represent Lulzbot. Or do all three?

Yes, the mirror is frustrating at times. It is also useful, though, like when I’m tightening the X carriage. I purchased it at the recommendation of rsilvers because it comes in a pack of 6 for $10 so I can swap them for different processes.

The Nozzle I made on a mill and lathe. I took round stock and cut six faces on it with a dividing head on a vertical mill. Then I put it in a lathe and did my best to recreate the part.
It’s a bit longer than the original and actually has a plug in it because I drilled the hole too large at first. So I plugged it and drilled it with a #77 or #76 drill (can’t remember). I should have made another one entirely because now I have plastic pushing the plug out!

The Z Nut Spring I got actually got does use 2 nuts. I think the reason it cracked is my parts were at 40% infill since this was a budget build.

My Bill of Materials can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApW9XrarWCKmdHVWNFZiSllGV2Y5YVpDTEZKN3B1LWc#gid=6

Total cost was around $750.

Probably “TAZ Clone” or “Homemade TAZ” like you did here would work just fine. Thanks! :slight_smile: