Hot End Version 2 ROCKS!!!

I installed my New Hot end today. I am amazed at how nice the prints are! I did a few with T-Glass and Polycarbonate, and the prints are just AMAZINGLY FLAWLESS!!! It was so worth The money in every aspect. I had to tweak a few things here and there but I can honestly say it’s the perfect tool!!! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

Thank you :smiley: For anyone interested, the V2 Tool Head (including the LulzBot Hexagon Hot End) is available for the TAZ here: and for the Mini here:

We will be introducing second generation (V2) tool heads for the Flexystruder, FlexyDually, and Dual Extruder soon. We are also working on a separate hot end for RepRap and DIY 3D printers. Sign up for updates here:, or keep an eye out on!

So this comes Standard on the TAZ 5 and Mini?

Yes that’s correct wmgeorge64, the second generation (V2) tool head ships standard on the LulzBot TAZ 5 and LulzBot Mini.