Single Extruder Tool Head v2 and TAZ 3.1

I have a Lulzbot TAZ 3.1, though I am planning to print and purchase the parts to upgrade my printer with TAZ 4 parts. I saw that Lulzbot is advertizing the “LulzBot TAZ Single Extruder Tool Head v2”, but only specifies installation on TAZ 4 printers. While I am sure one could make the new tool head fit on any TAZ version printer, I am wondering what modifications(if any are necessary) are needed to make the new tool head work with the TAZ 3.1.

I saw a link to the Lulzbot Facebook page from my searches, where Lulzbot claims the v2 tool head is an upgrade for the TAZ 1-4(, but no specifics on how much work and what alterations(if any) would be needed. On the TAZ 3.1 part, I see two connectors, though I want to say the video I watched on the tool head installation mentioned four connectors. Would the walkthrough on the Fangtooth Tool Head( give some idea of the installation work necessary?

My apologies if there has already been a post on this topic. I didn’t find it through the search function on this forum, nor through three different search engines.

Instructions are available here: > Add ons > Installing Fangtooth Toolhead TAZ 3