Need new hotend for Taz 6

I’m needing to replace the hot end on one of my Single Extruders.
Is this the right replacement?

I also see its not a direct replacement for the hot end. Is the only difference in the connector?

I would look at a hot end from itworks3d

The only hot ends they have are 1.75mm. All their 3mm are sold out.
The hot end I linked up top is out of stock, so I really don’t know where to find one.

I think I saw a listing for a 3mm hotend on eBay. Try there or contact them directly.

That is exactly what I ended up getting. A little pricier than just buying a hot end but it got the project moving so i’m happy.

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Hey guys I’ve got a hot-end needing replacement for the Taz6 single extruder. Any ideas now that AO is out of stock? Don’t see any 3mm on itworks3d website or ebay… Thanks in advance.

I found 2 on e-bay

Here’s this dual head v3

And this one from IT-Works 3D